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Peasants of the World, Unite

Peasants Face Challenge of Speculation with Agriculture and Nature

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The peasants are facing the big challenge of understanding the advance of capital on agriculture and natural goods and of generating an alternative project that enables to overcome this agribusiness model in the countryside, warned the leader of the Rural Landless’ Peasant Movement of Brazil, Roberto Baggio.

There is a significant advance of capitalism on agriculture in Latin America, which is part of an international strategy that aims to dominate the whole agriculture production chain and appropriate nature to transform natural goods in commodities, said Baggio.

In interview with Real World Radio during the First Continental Assembly of the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations (CLOC-Via Campesina), held from October 17 to 25, the MST leader emphasized the role of the peasants in the current scenario.

The first challenge is to understand this speculative drive on agriculture and nature, he said. The second one is to think about specific actions to confront it. Baggio believes that continental unity is essential for that, as well as the exchange between peasants and having a common view. He highlighted the initiatives to train members in what he described as a historical moment.

The MST member also said that peasants have to forge alliances with the working class, the urban sectors and with progressive governments.

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