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16 June 2011 | |

Green Numbers

Friends of the Earth US: forty years exposing the impacts of economy on the environment

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Friends of the Earth US has a long history in the analysis of economic factors that cause environmental degradation in the world, the study of the impacts of projects carried out by development banks, in addition to trade agreements. Also, the organization has been analyzing the climate crisis, which according to Kate Horner, is the result of detrimental economic practices.

Some of the examples of the work carried out by this group of the environmental federation include denouncing the effects of agrofuels, the struggle within the UN to establish regulations to reduce the emissions that cause climate change –highlighting the role of developed countries which are the main responsible for this problem.

As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Friends of the Earth, Real World Radio interviewed Kate Horner, member of the US group, who made reference to the meaning of being part of the federation and how inspiring it is to know that this federation exists in terms of environmental and social justice, democracy and future generations.

To know more about the work of Friends of the Earth US, you can listen to this interview.

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