2012 Special Broadcasts / International Tour in Solidarity with communities affected by mining megaprojects in Central America

Guatemala, El Salvador / November 2012. Real World Radio will cover this tour organized by Friends of the Earth International, whose main goal is to bring light to the social, environmental, cultural, political and economic impacts that the mining extractive industry is causing in the Central American region, especially in Guatemala and El Salvador. The tour will take place from November 13-20 and the participants will visit communities that resist mining corporations such as Goldcorp and Barrick Gold in Guatemala. The international activists will work with the local media, visit political prisoners in Barillas, focus on state cases linked with the protection of human rights and environmentalist groups involved in the building of the movement. By documenting the different cases, Friends of the Earth International and allied organizations will strengthen the denunciation and solidarity actions towards those who resist in defense of life and territories. The tour will be carried out in coordination with the Mesoamerican Movement against Metal Mining (M4) and the local groups of FoE CEIBA and CESTA.

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Friend of the Earth

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