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Another Model

Interview with Eduardo Giesen, Coordinator of GAIA in Latin America

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Chilean engineer Eduardo Giesen is the coordinator of the Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (GAIA) in Latin America. He participated in a seminar called “Urban solid waste management: A critical look at alternatives”, organized in Montevideo, Uruguay. Several national and international guests participated in the event and analyzed different waste management initiatives presented by social movements and a proposal for waste incineration by the municipal government of Montevideo.

Giesen said “Generally speaking, urban waste incineration is a technology that has become obsolete. It has not expanded since over a decade. What we have now is the need (of that sector) to protect their investments made in past decades in the Northern hemisphere and to expand in developing countries, to the Global South”.

The event was organized by RAPAL Uruguay, the workers central PIT-CNT, REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay, the Union of Urban Solid Waste Classifiers (UCRUS), GAIA and International Labour Foundation for Sustainable Development (Sustain Labour).

Giesen made a presentation focused on several “myths” of the waste incineration industry. In interview with Real World Radio he spoke about the reason to organize the event that took place in Uruguay, about the development of the waste incineration industry in the world and its social and environmental consequences, and about sustainable and inclusive alternatives for waste management.

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