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The real Honduras: serious accusations against the government, the State and university authorities

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“We want to express that we are living in a pseudo democracy, with embodiment of torture, trauma and terror, and this is due to the repressive policy of Honduras with the military government”, said Juan Almendarez, Executive Director at Movimiento Madre Tierra – Friends of the Earth Honduras.

On Friday, approximately 20 students and some human rights defenders protecting them were arrested for demonstrating at UNAH university in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, while they were defending public education and demanding the release of students detained. Several of them were injured during the repression. On Saturday, they were prosecuted, and then released, although they still need to meet some requirements, such as not leaving the country and appearing before the authorities once a week. The next hearing is scheduled for September 18. One of the people arrested is Yunior Oyuela, Public Administration student and collaborator of Movimiento Madre Tierra.

Almendarez talked about a Honduras “with total disrespect for human rights”. “We don’t have democracy, we don’t have freedom in Honduras”.

The Executive Director of Movimiento Madre Tierra welcomed the news about the release of the students, something that was possible thanks to the international solidarity, according to him. Nevertheless, in a Honduras with over 60 students prosecuted for defending public education, Almendarez regretted that there are still arrest warrants and warned about the serious risks suffered by peasants, students and environmentalists, among others.

The environmental activist and human rights defender thanked Friends of the Earth International for the solidarity shown and urged the international community, especially human rights organizations, to support them.

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