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4 April 2017 | | |

Venezuela today from the point of view of peasants: interview with Nelson Guerrero of the Ezequiel Zamora Peasant Front

Venezuela and its Bolivarian Revolution have been at the center of an information system that, based on the Organization of American States, seeks to isolate said key political and social process for Latin America, invoking democratic failures and constitutional omissions. Real World Radio interviewed the member of the Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current, Nelson Guerrero, who provided us with an analysis from the point of view of social organizations linked to the Venezuelan peasanthood.

The attack against Venezuela shook the foundations of the OAS itself and motivated the articulation of the conservative governments of the region in line with the Venezuelan opposition linked to transnational capital and oil corporations, displaced from the State control by the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Venezuelan Legislative Assembly, with a majority of opposing sectors that do not accept the enforcement of the electoral calendar -with presidential elections scheduled for 2019- has acted ignoring the main figures of the government led by Nicolás Maduro, usurping some of their roles, as well as of the judicial sphere and giving way to an institutional confrontation in the country.

Along with what is happening inside Venezuela, the foreign media monopolies are establishing the idea of a "Coup d´Etat" after the temporary decision to transfer legislative powers to the Judicial Branch -something that is foreseen in the Constitution- which was then modified when the dialogue between branches was reestablished.

"A Communal State"

The Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (CRBZ), member of the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations (CLOC-Via Campesina) considers that the potential ways for the revolutionary process to be strengthened in this context of economic war and hostility have to do with resuming the principles of "Communal Power".

This is what Nelson Guerrero said to Real World Radio from Apure, near the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Guerrero is a leader of CRBZ. "Through the imperial media they want to say that we are in a Coup d´Etat, when we are completely calm here, and where the Supreme Court has legally substituted the Legislative Assembly three times in the past", said Guerrero.

He said that his organization asserts the principle of popular empowerment through the "Communal State" with a strong participation of social movements "as the only way to recover trust in the project which has been affected by financial blocs, shortages, which leads the people as such to become disillusioned”.

"We need to pay attention to the transfer of power to popular structures as a guarantee of continuity. To be more connected with the grassroots and use all existing tools. To recover the Chavista code", Nelson Guerrero (Ezequiel Zamora Peasant Front - CLOC-VC).

Also during the interview with Real World Radio, Guerrero described the situation of illegality experienced in the border between Venezuela and Colombia with the permanent presence of militants and surveillance through Local Supply Committees.

And he sent a message to social movements and organizations who are allies of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution: "The way forward is the unity of peoples´ movements and to never turn our eyes away from the path to build our country with justice. We have this historic job ahead of us".

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