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19 de enero de 2017 | |

“Always strive for inclusiveness”

Meeting of the youth of Friends of the Earth Africa; interview with Babawale Obayanju from ERA – FoE Nigeria

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Babawale Obayanju, coordinator of the Africa region for Friends of the Earth in the area of youth shared in an interview with Real World Radio some of the conclusions of the recent meeting that ended on Wednesday January 18 between young delegates of the different countries of the continent.

Babawale is member of ERA – Friends of the Earth Nigeria and highlighted that the meeting of environmental activists, students, peasants and members of other sectors from several African countries was featured by diversity with a special focus on environmental justice.

The Nigerian activist said that the event, being the first in the region, was a “fruitful meeting” where “concepts related to youth and youth work in Africa” were discussed. “Over the course of this meeting we focused on environmental justice and what environmental justice really means”, he said.

“We should always strive for inclusiveness in all our struggles for justice and equity in solidarity”, he added.

The young people also defined future lines of action with the aim to attain “a sustainable environment that will be good for us and the future generations”, added the activist.

In the interview with Real World Radio, Babawale Obayanju said that they managed “to understand the work of our brothers in other parts of Africa and (…) the relationship between our work in our country and our work in Africa”. “So we could understand that we all have the same issues (…) and that together we can fight these issues and come to a reasonable conclusion and solution for Africa”. And he thanked the participants of the meeting who “have come to share their knowledge, to share their experiences”.

Babawale added that in the meeting held in Liberia “one of the key issues that came up was the issue of cultural beliefs” and also the issue of access to information and education that represents “a threat for the struggle for environmental justice” “so as part of the solution we are going to allow for access to information to be shared equally amongst all sectors, amongst all people, amongst all genders”.

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