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21 December 2016 | | | |

Statement of Friends of the Earth by Acción Ecológica situation in Ecuador

Statement in solidarity with Acción Ecológica in light of the dissolution request issued by the Ecuadorian Government

December 21, 2016

Friends of the Earth International -FoEI- and Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean - ATALC - express their deep concern over the latest news from Ecuador regarding the request to close down and dissolve the social organization Acción Ecológica, issued by the Internal Affairs Vice Minister Dr. Diego Torres Saldaña.

With this statement, FoEI and ATALC would like to express their solidarity with Acción Ecológica, considered one of the organizations that has fought for years in Latin America for the defense of the rights of nature, working to ensure a wholesome environment, striving towards buen vivir, and for greater respect among human beings, and between human beings and nature.

As a federation of environmental organizations working throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region, and the rest of the world, we call on organizations and groups working for social and environmental justice everywhere to support Acción Ecológica at this difficult time.

We request that the Ecuadorian government provides the guarantee of democratic dialogue in order to appropriately resolve the current situation faced by Acción Ecológica.

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