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Interview with Abu Saker of Palestine

Human rights violations perpetrated by Israel denounced at the UN

The representative of the Popular Council for the Protection of the Jordan Valley (Palestine), Abu Saker, warned in Geneva (Switzerland) about the demolition by Israel of Palestinian houses and infrastructure in occupied territories, Israeli violations of numerous international conventions, the stealing of water and natural resources, and abuses by water company Mekorot.

“Israel not only does not deliver infrustructure and services to the occupied territories, it actively steals our natural resources and water”, said Saker in the interview with Real World Radio. “Now we have to buy water from 30 kilometers away”, he added making reference specifically to the area where he lives.

Saker, who works as a cattle farmer in the Palestinian valleys, denounced at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, headquarters of the UN in that city, the different human rights violations perpetrated by Israel against his people. This interview was conducted in the framework of the second session of the Intergovernmental Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council that is setting the bases for a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights.

In addition, Saker is participating in the Week of Mobilization organized by tens of social movements and organizations from the five continents in Geneva to pressure in favor of the binding treaty.

In the interview with Real World Radio, Saker warned about the several strategies used by Israel and its military occupation to push the Palestinian people out of their lands and that even international human rights organizations cannot enter the most affected areas many times.

The Palestinian representative thanked for the international solidarity with his people, but noted that the international solidarity movement has not been able to pressure national governments to put pressure on the Israeli state to end the violation of Palestinian rights.

“The UN and the international community must issue firm statements and agreements to force Israel to give the Palestinians their rights and to abide by international agreements and accords”, concluded Saker.

Imagen: Víctor Barro, Friends of the Earth International.

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