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20 de octubre de 2016 | | |

Green light to fracking in Lancashire

Anti-fracking movement rejects government decision: interview with Jamie Peters

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On October 6th, the UK government gave the green light to a shale gas exploration and production project at Preston New Road in Lancashire County, despite the opposition of the local people and the council. The anti-fracking movement had called for a ban on fracking across the whole of the UK.

Real World Radio talked with Jamie Peters, anti-fracking campaigner who works for Friends of the Earth England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Jamie spoke about the context of the decision to allow fracking in Lancashire. He also made reference to some of the risks implied in this technique, the previous experiences with fracking in the country and the track record of the company that was allowed to explore shale gas in Preston New Road. Finally, Jamie described the anti-fracking movement in the UK and how the local people are opposing shale gas production.

Imagen: Friends of the Earth International

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