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25 July 2016 | | | | |

World March of Women against Militarization, Fundamentalism and Violence*

The rise of militarization, fundamentalism, violence and extreme right groups is more and more obvious and is shaking the life of women and communities all over the world in many different ways. Religious and cultural fundamentalism keeps spreading terror, death and oppression, and this is feeding the far-right groups that are quickly becoming more and more powerful.

On the other hand, capitalist governments are using the excuses of national security and fight against terrorism to interfere in foreign politics to gain control over natural resources, to restrict immigration, to limit civil rights and to criminalize protest.

And this is the vicious circle in which we are stuck today. Fundamentalism is feeding more fundamentalism. Violence is paid with more violence. Wars are “prevented” with the reinforcement of military forces. And in the meanwhile, innocent peoples, families, communities, civilians from all over the world suffer the consequences of this craziness.

On the 14th July a blood mass killing took place in Nice (France) with a total balance of 84 people killed and 303 injured. Reactions to this tragic event from all over the world follow the path of the clash of civilizations, and suggest the need of more control and more militarization.

In Turkey, on the 15th July, military announced to take over power and declared curfew from the state Chanel TRT. President Erdogan was swift to take advantage of the failed coup attempt to launch a witch hunting campaign against his opposition, not only those soldiers involved in the coup, but also prosecutors, journalists, judges and education staff have been rounded up. As radical Islamists are occupying the streets, the democratic forces have been oppressed and women are harassed by the supporters of Erdogan constantly.

Coup-attempt failed with more than 200 people killed, and the worst seems to be still to come, because the purge is extending to many sectors. In the past days around 6.000 people have been imprisoned, and many more have been dismissed or suspended from their functions. This is the case of 9.000 police officers, 2.700 judges and 15.000 education staff. Licenses of 24 radio and TV channels have been also revoked after the coup attempt.

Erdogan’s oppressive government has kept Turkey in chaos and conflict for the past years, and it looks like the coup attempt is being used to sustain his islamo-fascist dictatorship and to increase control, repression of any opposition and suppress of Human Rights in the country.

We, the World March of Women, denounce once again the militarization, the increase in weapon expenditure and the strategy of fighting violence with more violence. We know these strategies will only bring more affliction to women and communities around the globe, will feed fundamentalisms and will polarize our world. This is not the world we want.

Today we send all our solidarity and strength to all our World March of Women sisters in Turkey who are frontline defenders of democracy and women’s rights. We extent our solidarity to Kurds and the rest of peoples and communities living in Turkey.

- We demand President Erdogan and his government to stop immediately arbitrary detentions, torture and political purges in the country. Any action taken by the Government must comply with the International Declaration of Human Rights Bill and other International Protocols signed by Turkey.

- We ask the International Community, specially United Nations and European Union, to monitor the situation closely in order to ensure that the rule of law is respected, Human Rights are observed and to avoid Turkey from dragging into a more chaotic and conflictive situation.

The World March of Women stands in solidarity with the women and peoples from Turkey, France, and every country suffering the evil of violence, fundamentalism, terrorism and militarization. We will keep marching until every woman can live in peace, justice and freedom.

* Political position of the World March of Women, received by Real World Radio on July 21st.

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