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1 June 2016 | | | |

Imminent agrarian strike in Colombia

In the morning of May 27, at the main offices of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, several social organizations and movements gathered to give a press conference to announce the National Agrarian Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Minga, which began on May 30th in several regions of Colombia.

The Minga, a traditional gathering for the collective good, is called by the members of the National Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit that was created in 2014, in addition to other social sectors. These Colombian movements have been demanding Juan Manuel Santos´ administration to honor the agreements historically made by the people with the State for social demands against the violation of their rights.

The statement containing 8 demands, which was submitted to the government, has not been complied with, said the Minga spokespeople during the press conference.

At the press conference, Luis Fernando Arias, chair of ONIC, read a statement where it was established that “the Minga will express its rejection to the current economic model of development that does not correspond with the dreams of the people to achieve peace with social and environmental justice”.

In the past few days, William Villamizar, governor of Norte de Santander Department, in the border with Venezuela, referred to the Minga as a step towards an armed strike, but the social and agrarian organizations said that these statements were biased against the National Minga. “We insist that the national government takes into account our public policy proposals for the change needed in the country”.

About the process to overcome the armed conflict, the Minga stated that “we reaffirm our support to the dialogue for peace with FARC and the ELN, because we belieive in a negotiation to exit the armed conflict, and at the same time we consider that joint soluions are needed against the economic and political social conflict, which are necessary for peace with social and environmental justice”.

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