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19 May 2016 | | | |

Interview with Anderson Amaro of the Small Farmers Movement of Brazil (MPA) about the coup and the first steps of Temer as coup leader

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Anderson Amaro, leader of the Small Farmers Movement of Brazil (MPA) analyzed the first steps of the interim President after the coup d´Etat perpetrated through judicial proceedings against President Dilma Roussef. He also highlighted the huge damage which the elimination of ministries such as the Agrarian Development, Racial Equality and Human Rights ministries will cause.

In an interview with Real World Radio, Anderson deepened on the contents of the article written by the MPA, member of Vía Campesina Brazil, about the situation in Brazil and he demanded organizations to promote the non recognition of an illegitimate and usurper government.

"It is a conspiracy government, and therefore illegitimate", he added. He also made reference to the fact that the Agrarian Development Minister was in charge of public policies targeted to small family and peasant production, to settlements and the actions to advance on agroecology through the secretary of the National Agroecology and Organic Production Plan (PLANAPO).

"This is a Coup against the historical rights of workers, their sovereignty and the social policies achieved in the past years", said Anderson in the interview.

The MPA has defined this situation as a state of resistance and non recognition of Temer´s government, member of the Movimiento Democrático Brasileño Party (PMDB) in alliance with elites linked to large estates of land, agribusiness and industrial bourgeoisies of Sao Paulo, with a strong support of the hegemonic communication media.

"In this moment, the MPA is calling its members to be united and strong in the building of the Popular Brazil Front, to struggle with all their strength together with popular movements, central unions, left-wing and democratic parties in the daily struggle in all fronts against the illegitimate, antipopular and coup government of Michel Temer", stated the article published by the MPA.

Imagen: mpabrasil.org.br

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