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17 de mayo de 2016 | | | |

"This coup affects social movements of all Latin America and the Caribbean"

Francisca Rodríguez (ANAMURI-CLOC Vía Campesina Chile) analyzes effects of the coup in Brazil

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As a "bitter awakening" with so much anguish and the belief that the transnational capital, the corporate media and the political right-wing have obtained a significant victory; this is how Chilean peasant leader Francisca "Pancha" Rodríguez described the day after the removal of Dilma Roussef as President of Brazil in the framework of an impeachment.

"Pancha" is member of the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women of Chile (ANAMURI) and is part of the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations (CLOC-Vía Campesina).

In an interview from Santiago, Chile, Pancha said that the elements of power that achieved a majority in parliament against the President represent a "conspiracy against the entire people", and she didn´t hesitate in pointing out that the effects will be felt "by social movements of all Latin America and the Caribbean".

"We expected some degree of sanity with reference to the protests against this situation in Brazil, but the truth is that we are very concerned because we know where this process is headed: to end with popular movements and their achievements", said the Chilean leader.

Brazil woke up on May 12 with a majority decision by Senate to start an impeachment process against President Roussef and therefore her removal as President.

Her place was taken by the Head of the Senate, Michel Temer, of the Movimiento Democrático Brasileño, who has already announced several steps backwards in terms of the social policies of the government.

"To reach this place, we had to go through a process of depolitization and the buying-off of consciences", said Francisca with reference to the middle class sectors that supported the Senate Coup.

She also talked about the weak reaction, specifically by women, in response to the "harassment" against the processes led by women presidents: Cristina Fernández, Michele Bachellet and also Roussef, who called the Brazilian population to remain "mobilized and united" and said that she will use all legal resources to make it to the last day of her mandate as President of Brazil.

The removal of Roussef will be for 180 days while the impeachment process takes place. CLOC-VC includes several Brazilian organizations among its members: the Landless Rural Workers Movement, the Peasant Women Movement, the Movement of Dam-Affected People (MAB) and the Small Farmers Movement (MPA).

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