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Solidarity and Food Sovereignty: Interview with Ciro Marcano, of the Venezuela-FAO Cooperation Program on Food Sovereignty

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“Venezuela has been supporting the struggle against hunger through the cooperation with 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries, inspired in the solidarity among peoples as a way to build Food Sovereignty”, said the coordinator of a programme that involves the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Ciro Marcano, in an interview with Real World Radio.

The Programme of Triangular Cooperation FAO-Venezuela has been carrying out cooperation projects for the strengthening of farmer organizations and the recovery of crops, partially based on the sale of oil by the Caribbean country to its Latin American neighbors. This exchange is known as the Petrocaribe experience, which: "is about establishing an exchange of knowledge and experiences that allow to combat hunger in the region, strengthening territorial experiences", said Ciro.

The representative of the Venezuelan government participated as an observer during the 5th Consultation of Social Movements and Organizations towards the FAO Regional Conference that is taking place in Mexico City.
Ciro also said: "the Venezuelan government is convinced of the fact that South-South cooperation based on solidarity is a path to advance against the dependence on other regions".

Venezuela is promoting the Food Sovereignty principle as part of its legal domestic regime and as a regional integration tool. "We´ve passed a seeds law, an urban agriculture ministry and we need, through the exchange of experiences, to generate new spaces for solidarity that are fairer", he concluded.

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