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4 de febrero de 2016 | | |

National Agrarian Coordination in Colombia holds 5th Assembly

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The National Agrarian Coordination - CNA of Colombia, member of CLOC - Via Campesina is holding its 5th National Assembly. Approximately 700 delegates from peasant organizations are meeting in Riosucio municipality, Caldas, to plan advocacy and mobilizations proposals for the next years.

For German Bedoya, member of the CNA, the Assembly aims to work on the issue of unity to "strengthen the Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit, and the protests for 2016 and also the years to come".

According to the peasant leader "the enforceability of rights should be a tool to take the streets in order to mobilize". The event started on Monday, February 1st and will end on Friday 6th.

Another aim is to assess the advance of CNA in the past years. "It is necessary to assess our growth, territorial expansion, mobilization, accountability and recognition as a peasant, indigenous and Afro organization in the country and the important moment we are living today as far as the development and building of proposals alternative to the Agrarian model imposed in the country", states the call to the event.

As fundamental aims they propose to assess, plan and define towards the strengthening of CNA, the Agro-food Territories proposal (one of the strongest flags of this peasant group) and the issue of the local economy. In the same way, they aim to discuss about CNA´s position with reference to the peace proposals and a political solution to the social and armed conflict.

Their own land-planning proposal

The initiative of Agrofood territories, as announced in the CNA´s official documents covers the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food resources, taking as a fundamental basis the peasant economies for production and peasant communities for the social aspects.

In the opinion of the CNA, these territories are built as an alternative for the popular territorial government, a dignified life and resistance: "This is about territorial figures meant to ensure production and reproduction of peasant communities and their socio-cultural, political, community, productive and environmental relationships, where through solidarity-based production they will be able to control the rural development model based on competition, productivity and the intensive extraction of natural resources, minerals and hydrocarbons".

Preparing a strike

One of the fundamental issues to be dealt with by this meeting is related to unity, mobilization, the political-electoral struggle and institutional advocacy work.
About the strike announcements promoted by popular and social sectors of the country, German Bedoya said: "no proposal that defends the rights of peasants will be materialized without mobilization".

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