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Towards a National Agroecology Plan

4000 signatures gathered to promote agroecological transition

Letter to Uruguayan President, Tabaré Vázquez, requesting the implementation of a National Agroecology Plan

Mr. President of the Republic of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez,

The undersigned consider we are experiencing an agricultural intensification process promoted by the economic growth of products for export, which has impacts on our environmental, social and economic sustainability. This is seen in a context of globalization of the food system at international level, as well as the depletion and/or degradation of nature and increasing impacts as a consequence of climate change.

The national experiences around ecological or organic production, the actions to preserve and reproduce native seed varieties and the defense of the quality of life and the ecosystems by several family farmer groups and social organizations, together with the demand by consumers of safe and low environmental impact products are forces that promote and demand an agroecological option and are reasons to support a transition process that ensures the condition of a country producer of food in a sustainable way.

This is why we are writing this letter to request your commitment with the issues below, that we understand should be the aims of the national public policy:

1. Promote food sovereignty through adequate and healthy food, strengthening the production of quality food, without pollutants that risk our health.

2. Broaden the number of farmers under agroecological production, distribution and consumption systems in order to generate benefits that contribute to the quality of life of rural and urban inhabitants.

3. Promote the sustainable use of natural resources, aiming to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity and water quality and quantity.

4. Promote the recovery, preservation and use of native seeds and genetic resources recognizing the right of farmers to reproduce them.

5. Promote the sustainable management of the soil to avoid erosion and contribute to protecting the quality of water.

6. Promote the active participation of communities in the sustainable management of
their territories and water basins and strengthen association and cooperation processes.

7. Implement differential policies for agroecological family farmers and promote equality, especially for young people and women in these processes.

8. Promote access to land and security in terms of tenure, especially for young people to facilitate they stay in the countryside.

9. Promote local markets to achieve a greater commitment between farmers and consumers, as well as public procurement of agroecological products.

10. Promote capacity building and research on agroecology, as well as technical assistance based on a systematic approach.

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