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The Last World

Interview with Dipti Bhatnagar of Friends of the Earth International at the People Power Action Assembly in Paris

“We have already seen that what the world leaders are going to produce is going to completely burn the planet. No matter what happens in that UN process, the peoples’ struggles continue to get stronger”, said Friends of the Earth International’s Climate Justice and Energy coordinator Dipti Bhatnagar.

This was on December 11, the day the UN COP21 talks on Climate Change held in Paris were supposed to come to an end, although the closing of the official negotiations took place on the following day.

Friends of the Earth International warned several times that the agreement under development in Paris did not address the urgency of climate change, the needs of developing countries and the people most affected by the climate crisis, and climate justice in general terms.

“We are here in Paris to build people’s power and to have the last word”, added Bhatnagar in the framework of the “People Power Action Assembly” held on December 11, organized by FoEI and which gathered approximately 2000 activists of the environmental federation, in addition to members of allied social movements and organizations.

On the following day, FoEI participated in several mobilizations and actions in the streets of Paris together with tens of thousands of people. In this video produced jointly by Victor Barro, of Friends of the Earth Spain and Real World Radio, Bhatnagar also talked about the “People Power Action Assembly”, the work by FoEI during the COP and the activities parallel to this summit, and the work with allies aiming at the building of a climate justice movement.

Imagen: Luka Tomac, Friends of the Earth International

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