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Carbon Free = Climate Friendly?

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This year’s international climate talks (COP21) in Paris appear to be sponsored by the same perpetrators guilty of hindering real solutions to climate change. The French electricity company, EDF, has been nominated for the Pinocchio Awards under the category ‘greenwashing.’ The company claims their electricity mix is carbon free and they are presenting themselves as ‘the official partner of a low-carbon world.’

EDF is attempting to advertise and justify the use of nuclear energy as a solution. However, this is misleading, as nuclear energy is associated with uranium mining, which is anything but green. Uranium mining has devastating impacts on the environment and surrounding communities due to the production of radioactive waste. According to Charlotte Mijeon from Nuclear Exit Network in France, the corporate giant is attempting to make carbon emissions the villain and to divert attention away from other types of pollution. Mijeon states that they are not taking into account the containment of the radioactive waste, the risk of accident, and the continual release of radioactive and chemical toxins into the environment. Moreover, it is indigenous populations that are mostly affected by this, and they do not even benefit from uranium mining.

By claiming that nuclear energy is climate friendly, Mijeon holds that the company is blocking the development of real climate solutions. Rather than financing an alternative destructive source of energy, the company should invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy and stop investing in fossil fuels. Until then, the problem is simply being diverted rather than actually solved.

To vote for EDF as this year’s Pinocchio greenwashing winner, visit www.pinocchio-awards.org

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