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Statement of the World Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change and the Defense of Life

Tiquipaya - Bolivia

The peoples of the world gathered in Tiquipaya, Bolivia from 10 to 12 October 2015, we worked on a agreed proposal to be presented to the international community and governments around the world to preserve the life and combat climate change; as an urgent response to a failed capitalist system and civilization model that are the structural causes of the climate crisis in the world.

This statement brings together our thinking and feeling, and our proposal for international negotiations of the Conference of Parties of the United Nations on climate change, environment, sustainable development and other relevant scenarios, as well as the permanent agenda of the peoples for the defense of the life.

The transition to civilization model of Living Well

The world is being battered by multiple global crisis that manifests itself in a climate, financial, food, energy, institutional, cultural, ethical and spiritual crisis and a state of permanent war. This tells us that we are living an integral crisis of capitalism and a society model. To survive, humanity must break free of capitalism that is leading humanity towards a horizon of destruction that
sentence of death nature and life itself.

The western civilization model articulated the capitalist worldwide system were expanded by the imperial powers and Northern countries with crimes against humanity, looting and subjugation of our peoples; wars have been the instrument of subjugation and domination that imperialism has used to impose their political and economic will. Wars have also been used by transnational corporations to wrest the sea from peoples attempting against its right to the sea.

Read the full declaration in the attached document.

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