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7 October 2015 | |

Brazil: Small Farmers Movement holds 1st National Congress in Sao Paulo

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The Small Farmers Movement (MPA) of Brazil, part of the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations is holding its first National Congress from October 12 to 16 in Sao Bernardo do Campo – Sao Paulo, which is a historical place for the workers´ struggle. One of the issues to be dealt with will be the consolidation of Food Sovereignty and the rural-urban alliance.

With the slogan “Peasant Plan, Peasant and Workers Alliance for Food Sovereignty” this congress aims to consolidate the peasant and workers alliance having Healthy Food as the core issue. This event expects the participation of over 4000 peasants from 19 states, in addition to the participation of international workers and delegations.

In preparation for this 1st National Congress there were state acts, in addition to studies and cultural events for mobilization, animations and motivation envisioning the Congress. The agenda includes the 1st Women Assembly, the 1st Youth Assembly and the 1st National Peasant Farming Market with agroecological food, drinks, crafts and cultural exhibitions from all regions of the country. This market will be open to the public in general.

One of the main activities will be the 1st Children´s Congress of the MPA, where children of the movement will have the chance to study, play, create and learn more about the movement they are part of.

The MPA understands that the National Congress is the main instance of an organization. In its political history, the movement organized three National Meetings that served to build unity and decisions concerning the future path for the movement.

In an interview with Real World Radio, the member of the national coordination of the movement, Rosiele Ludtke, made reference to the features of this event. The MPA, together with La Via Campesina, advocates for the importance of peasants as political subjects capable of ensuring Food Sovereignty. In order to consolidate Food Sovereignty, the MPA has built a Peasant Plan that is being presented to society and governmental bodies.

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