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1ro de octubre de 2015 | |

Large mobilization closes 4th International Action of the World March of Women in the South of the Latin American continent

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The Latin American and Caribbean Day for the right to abortion was unusually marked at the border between Rivera (Uruguay) and Santana do Livramento (Brazil). After two days of panels, debates and workshops with the slogan “for the right to the body and life of women”, over 500 women marched through both cities chanting, with slogans and drums, speaking to the neighbors of the border.

“For us it was a very important meeting, with an emblematic topic in our context of conservativeness and threats to the advance of rights in Brazil; therefore to gather over 500 women here at the border was extremely important, it strengthened us as a movement, not only with Brazil, but also with Argentina and Uruguay”, said Sonia Coelho of the World March of Women (WMW) of Sao Paulo State.

The activities were held in the framework of the 4th International Action of the World March of Women that has been taking place in different parts of the world this year, from March 8th to October 17th in a decentralized way in tens of countries.

“Being here, looking back and thinking about all we did this year to be here: the workshops, the activities, the State plenaries, among many other things, is very rewarding”, said Claudia Prates of the WMW of Rio Grande do Sul State.

“The articulations and alliances built to reach this place were also very important. The diversity of movements represented here, which raised the flag of our struggle, which is one struggle, and that all movements should integrate the struggle for the life of women” was key, added Claudia. Urban unions, peasant women, black women movements and housing movements participated in the action.

About the current challenges in the national and regional sphere for women, Sonia said: “I think that a great challenge for us is to keep resisting in an organized way in this difficult political context. To not let any women rights to be threatened or reverted and to increasingly organize ourselves as Latin American women”.

With reference to the conclusions of the action for the participant women, Claudia Prates said: “We leave this action strengthened; we´ve learnt from other women and we´ve shared our experiences. And this is a permanent struggle, a struggle that we need to fight in each of the cities, in each State, in each country”.

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