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24 de septiembre de 2015 | |

Uruguay: marking the 200th anniversary of the Land Regulation, settlers meet the president of the House of Representatives and visit Montevideo

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In the framework of the activities organized by the Presidency of the House of Representatives and the National Colonization Institute to mark the 200th anniversary of the Artigas Land Regulation, settler Pablo Beck, representative of the Guayubira group of Cerro Largo department of the Miguel Soler Settlement, talked to Real World Radio.

Pablo Beck said that the settlement is made of 872 hectares. The lands were acquired in 2009 by the National Colonization Institute (INC) which distributed the lands between two groups of cattle and agricultural farmers. Currently they have the technical assistance of the INC and are also advised in better group work.

At first, these farmers worked individually, but the results obtained were not those expected, so they got together and formed a single company that improved production. Becker said that the collective access to land enabled a better management of cattle and higher sale volumes.

He added that in the 200th anniversary of the Land Regulation there are aspects that are still valid, such as the people who access the lands and how are they benefitted. “The institute chooses settlers in an appropriate way with professionals that look for a rural / small farmer profile”. He also said: “”7 or 8 years ago, collective production didn´t exist, which not only gives you tools, but helps you”.

He highlighted the importance of visiting the Legislative Building on the 200th anniversary of the Land Regulation and made reference to the value of “being face to face with the person in charge of passing these state policies, and that farmers are able to say what´s right and what´s not right”. He also talked about the importance of sharing the same dialogue table with legislators and that their demands are heard.

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