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3 September 2015 | | |

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina resigns and arrest warrant is issued against him - Interview with feminist activist Sandra Moran

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On Tuesday, September 1st, the Guatemalan Congress decided to strip Otto Perez Molina of immunity for prosecution over the cases of corruption under investigation by the Guatemalan judicial system. The following day, the Prosecutor´s Office announced that an arrest warrant was issued against him and then, in the early hours of this Thursday, Perez Molina announced his resignation. “We are experiencing revolutionary times”, said Sandra Moran, Guatemalan feminist activist, in an interview with Real World Radio. She also made reference to the massive mobilizations that took place in the past few months that led to this unprecedented event in the country.

“We´ve been having social mobilizations like we didn´t have in a long time, aiming towards a transformation, a “refoundation” of the State”, said Moran with reference to the mobilizations throughout all the Central American country that started in April.

The social movements of the country are gathered in the Social and Popular Assembly. In addition to the resignation and trial against former Vicepresident Roxana Baldetti, and Otto Perez Molina´s resignation itself, the Guatemalan activist talked about other victories gained in the past months: “a massive involvement by the people, social movements and universities. We´ve accomplished a lot in terms of organization and citizen proposals. All this in a peaceful way”, she stated.

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