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“The State should look at us”

Uruguay: Progress in building a National Agroecology Plan

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In Uruguay, the National Agroecology Network, together with the Native Seeds Network,
are working in the creation of a National Agroecology Plan (PNA, for its acronym in
Spanish) with the objective of supporting agriculturists and cattle breeders in transition, as
well as preserving biodiversity.

The development of the PNA, at both national and departmental levels, runs in parallel to
the collection of signatures to influence the administration of Tabaré Vázquez, whose
government program includes promoting Agroecology and the outlining of a plan in this

“The national experience in ecological or organic production, conservation action and
reproduction of seeds of native varieties, and the defense of the quality of life and
ecosystems that perform large groups of producers families and social organizations,
together with consumer demands for safe products with low environmental impact, are
driving forces that call for the agroecological option and justify the support for a transition
process that ensures the condition of food producer country with sustainability,” state the
members of both agroecological networks in their letter to collect signatures on
agroecological fairs and in different territories.

The objectives of the PNA include “promoting food sovereignty through proper and healthy eating, encouraging the production of quality food, without health hazardous pollutants.”

And for that it aims to “increase the number of producers under systems of production,
distribution and consumption of farm products with an agroecological base, to generate
benefits that contribute to the quality of life of people living in rural and urban areas.”

Graciela González, a member of the Rural Women Network and the Native Seeds
Network, told Real World Radio that they seek to make visible the agroecological
production in Uruguay, as well as marking a positive difference to make the lives of rural
families more sustainable, regarding environment and economy.

“The State should look at us, know what we do, and support us,” said Graciela, an
agriculturist that works with her family in the department of Canelones, bordering the
capital, Montevideo.

Graciela produces medicinal and aromatic herbs through her cooperative, Calmañana,
and she strongly supports the need for a PNA.

More on Uruguay’s National Agroecology Plan:

Twitter: @AgroecologiaUy
Website: redagroecologia.uy

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