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4 de agosto de 2015 | |

Peru: fight against drought and fossil fuel projects

We Are the Energy Revolution

Agripina Aguilar Mamani - from the Zepita Provincia Chucito - "There is no rain this season. My community is waiting for rain and we are very worried that without it, there will be problems for the entire upcoming year. We are experiencing a drought that will impact our health and economic situation."

Carlos Cenepo Pizango - Federacion de pueblo indigenas Quechua de San Martin - "The Peruvian government gave permission for mining and oil companies to enter Amazon lands when they passed law 30230 in July of this year. Our federation is fighting to protect our lands and the forests.

The 2014 UN climate summit took place in Lima, Peru from December 1-12. The results of the official climate talks was another in a series of yearly decisions that weaken international climate rules, failing people and the planet. Meanwhile, outside the summit, the gathering of affected communities, social movements and civil society organisations at the Peoples’ Summit demanded the defence of Mother Earth, and the guarantee of rights of all peoples, of all genders.

The communities who have done least to cause the climate crisis, and are benefiting least from the fossil fuel-led model of development, are clearly paying the highest costs.

Parts of Peru have been facing a serious drought– which is already having an impact on the health and well-being of communities.

Access to water and land is also impacted by fossil fuel projects. A new law passed by the Peruvian government has given oil and mining companies permission to enter the land of indigenous communities in the Amazon. The new law also grants investors rights to not only the immediate area of their project, but to any area that may be indirectly impacted. This, in essence, means that companies are free to use whatever land they deem is necessary for the completion of their projects.

Despite threats and intimidation from multinationals, communities in Peru are determined to resist. Fifteen thousand people marched in a huge protest in Lima on December 10 to call for justice and real solutions to the climate crisis, including steep and immediate reductions in carbon emissions, stopping fossil fuels and deforestation, building renewable community-owned energy solutions, and protecting our agroecological food sovereignty systems.

By We Are The Energy Revolution

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