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28 July 2015 | |

Documentary by La Via Campesina about Climate Summit in Peru (2014)

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In December, 2014, Lima was the host of the COP 20. While President Ollanta Humala committed during the summit to take care of the environment and develop policies against climate change, his administration gave a green light to the execution of projects that go against nature and the lives of millions of Peruvian people to the benefit of a few mining companies and “economic development”.

In parallel to the climate summit, a Peoples Summit against Climate Change took place in Lima from December 8-11 as a space of resistance and proposals by social movements and organizations against the false solutions under discussion at the COP 20.

This event was attended by hundreds of organizations around the world, representatives of workers, indigenous people, peasants, women, etc. It ended with an important mobilization in Lima. There, the people raised their voices in favor of the defense of the territory, food sovereignty and dignified jobs.

#‎MARCHANDO is a documentary that shows us that moment of mobilization and popular expression in the country against the environmental and climate crisis. It also reminds us of the constant actions of political forces against the most vulnerable populations with an overview of the most emblematic and recent social conflicts, such as the cases of Bagua, Conga, Saweto and Islay.

#‎MARCHANDO is also an input for organizations to mobilize in defense of their rights and those of Mother Earth.

Watch the documentary below, in Spanish.

Imagen: http://tv.viacampesina.org/

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