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4 June 2015 | | |

Massive mobilizations in Guatemala after State corruption exposed; social organizations demand Constituent Assembly

Interview with Leonel Atz of CEIBA - Friends of the Earth Guatemala about the political and social situation in the country amid massive mobilizations in Guatemala city and the territories under resistance.

The past few weeks in Guatemala have been filled with unprecedented mobilizations that are shaking retired military officer Otto Perez Molina´s administration. In fact, several of its ministers and the Vicepresident were forced to resign as a result of the social pressure.

There have been numerous protests in Guatemala, especially in Plaza de la Constitución, Guatemala City, demanding the resignation of government officers involved in corruption schemes, as proven by independent organizations.

The latest mobilization took place on Saturday, May 30. Over 500,000 people participated in this protest, among them student teacher´s groups, peasants, indigenous peoples, ancestral leaders, environmental movements, women, students and the business and urban sector.

On Thursday, June 3, for instance, the Social and Popular Assembly organized an event outside Congress to demand President Otto Perez Molina and the new Vicepresident to resign.

They are also demanding to postpone the national elections scheduled for September, 2015, and to convene a National Constituent Assembly with the participation of all social movements and sectors.

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