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2 de junio de 2015 | | |

Growing Voices Nº 2

Water rights violated in Palestine

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In this months Growing Voices we dig deeper into the Israeli violations of Palestinian water rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories. Since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967 the Palestinians have suffered from structural water scarcity. The Jordan River, which accounts for the majority of the available surface water in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, is not accessible to the Palestinians.

The Palestinians lack access to adequate, safe, and clean water much due to Israeli water policies and practices that discriminate against the Palestinian population and because of the violation by Israeli settlers on Palestinian water resources.

We listen to the testimony of Alahaj Sami, chairman of the Al Aqaba village, located in the West bank the edge of the Jordan Valley. He talks about the violations to water rights in his community. We meet representatives from civil society – Abeer Al Buthmeh from PENGON/Friends of the Earth Palestine and Dr Abed El Rahman Tamimi from the Palestinian Hydrology Group. We listen to their struggle against violations of water rights in the occupied Palestine territory.

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