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27 de mayo de 2015 | | |

Venezuelan Congress "Developing 21st Century Democracy" aims at building new social relations

Interview with Venezuelan Culture Vice-Minister Giordana Garcia

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The International Congress "Developing 21st Century Democracy" will take place from May 28-30 in the Venezuelan capital city.

The event, organized by the Culture Ministry and the Planning and Knowledge Committee, is inviting "scientists, human rights activists, artists and social movements and representatives of the territories to share and have discussions around how to build new social relations", said Giordana Garcia, Culture Vice-Minister.
García explained that there will be six working tables which will deal with six themes:
Liberating pedagogy; Sovereignty, science and technology; Culture, communication and symbolic practices; Economy for life; Cities under dispute between capital and the people and Anti-imperialism, multipolarity and South-South relations.

"These six themes are intertwined by the debate around human rights, culture, well living, and especially democracy. There will be working tables and central forums", said Garcia, announcing that the activities will be public.

Representatives from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, the Basque Country, Chile and Cuba will attend the event.

In addition, Garcia said that different activities will take place: "On May 28 we will have the opening session and the seven central forums. Then on the 29th, there will be 15 brainstorming sessions, six community workshops and in addition, on Saturday we will have several cultural activities: theater, cinema and book presentations".

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