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2 de septiembre de 2014 | |

Degrowth Agenda in Europe: A Lifestyle Under Review

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“Europe does not have a degrowth agenda. Europe is very much in a growth agenda at the moment”, researcher Filka Sekulova, from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, told Real World Radio in an interview where she focused on the challenges and steps of the degrowth debate and analysis in Europe.

Sekulova presented a workshop on this topic at the Young Friends of the Earth Europe´s (YFoEE) Summer Camp, held by the Beglika river in Bulgaria, in the Rhodope mountains. The camp began on August 14 and ended on Wednesday, August 20. Tens of young people from different European countries took part in the camp.

Real World Radio interviewed Sekulova after the workshop, a day before the Summer Camp came to an end.

Imagen: http://www.foeeurope.org/yfoee

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