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27 de agosto de 2014 | |

Paraguay: Another baby dies in area surrounded by soy crops

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The problems caused by agrotoxic fumigations near Huber Dure community, Canindeyu department, Paraguay, continue. After two girls (Adela and Adelaida) died on July 21, 2014 due to agrotoxic poisoning and after tens of people had to be hospitalized due to respiratory, skin and stomach conditions, a nine-month baby died last week.

In addition, three women had miscarriages, hundreds of animals from the community appeared dead and different symptoms such as nausea, vomits and headaches persist among the Huber Dure population.

The National Peasant Federation has denounced this and has requested State invervention to different public institutions, but there hasn´t been a response so far. On the contrary, the response of the Health Ministry to the death of the girls, through forensic surgeon Pablo Lemir, was that the cause of death was not related to agrotoxic poisoning. According to Radio Monumental of Paraguay the cause was “asphyxiation for respiratory deficiency due to bronchopneumonia”.

The soy crops that surround the village belong to Brazilian landowner Texeira and Pio Ramirez, Abente and Basilio Ramirez estates.

The health concerns of the Heber Dure population continue, since fumigations haven´t stopped, said Carlos Aguilar, leader of the National Peasant Federation in an interview with Nadia Lopez and Diana Viveros, of the Yvytu Pyahu community radio of the National Coordination of Rural and Indigenous Working Women Organizations (CONAMURI).

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