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19 de agosto de 2014 | |

Food and Agriculture in Focus at YFoEE Summer Camp

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It is time countries begin to use the tools provided under the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to promote agroecology, facilitate collaboration between farmers, protect biodiversity and support young and small-scale farmers, said Stanka Becheva, Food and Agriculture campaigner of Friends of the Earth Europe.

The environmental activist told Real World Radio that these tools are part of the new CAP, amended last year, but its implementation relies on the EU member countries. For this reason it is important that the organizations doing advocacy work lobby the governments to use these mechanisms.

Becheva has participated in the Young Friends of the Earth Europe (YFoEE) Summer Camp by the Beglika river in Bulgaria, in Rhodope mountains. The camp began on August 14 and it ends on Wednesday 20 August. The activist organized an introductory workshop on CAP. Tens of young people from different European countries are taking part in the camp.

The summer camp of YFoEE consisted in several days of training for campaigners to strengthen the relations between them and between their country groups, thus supporting capacity building in the struggle for environmental and social justice. In 2014, the summer camp focused on sustainable food and agriculture.

Becheva told Real World Radio that it is important for Young people to know the European policies and she emphasized that the CAP defines fundamental issues such as how food is produced, what food is produced as well as environmental protection.

Becheva said that for this reason it is important that young people know which are the
European agencies in charge of the CAP and how they can work with them.

She highlighted that the participants of the workshop were interested in knowing how European lawmakers operate. The activists also emphasized the need for lawmakers to respond to the demands of the civil society, especially of young people, in order to create a new agriculture and food system that gives way to agroecology in order to achieve food sovereignty.

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