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24 de julio de 2014 | |

Brutality: Interview with Valeria Cortes, Venezuelan activist in Gaza

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White phosphorus, bombs weighing more than a ton on overpopulated neighborhoods, missiles from drones; in this way, the unstoppable and ruthless Israeli attack continues over the Palestinian people. As of Tuesday, these attacks have resulted in the death of 620 children, women, young and elderly people, almost four thousand wounded people and over three thousand homes destroyed.

This is what Venezuelan Valeria Cortés said to Real World Radio from Gaza. Cortés is member of the Unadikum organization and said that the recent “humanitarian cease-fire” meant a “slow death” since the attacks continue non-stop.

Valeria referred to Israeli authorities as true “war criminals” and said that together with her colleagues in Gaza, they have acted as “human shields” to try to minimize attacks against hospitals, nursing homes and even ambulances. The Geneva Convention, which establishes that all vehicles identified as medical attention in situations of conflict should be respected, is from 1864…150 years later, the Israeli army seems to have learnt nothing, according to Valeria´s testimony and that of many other journalists, internationalists and victims who are in Gaza.

“The Palestinian people do not ask for a cease-fire because they know it only means a slow death. They demand the end of the occupation by Israel on their territories”, she said over the phone before going to a health center to announce through the social media the presence of international activists in order to stop possible bombings.

“When I say that three thousand homes were destroyed, I mean houses of three or four floors, because here the families build their homes one generation over the other. The death toll is awful; the images are indescribable”, said Cortés.

Particularly, the member of Unadikum made reference to the massacre that took place in Shayaía, where the entire population was devastated in the mid of a “cease-fire”.

“This isn´t a war, such as the media is trying to convey. This is a country with no army that was invaded and is resisting with dignity and courage against one of the most powerful armies in the world. Israel doesn´t pay any political cost for this invasion and it is up to us to stop this massacre. We can´t demand a cease-fire as if this was a conflict among equals”.

“Defenseless children are being murdered before our eyes. 620 civilian victims against 27 Israeli army members who were attacking Palestinian territory”, she added, and said that in order to understand the forces in tension one cannot forget that Israeli officials are occupying the territory”.

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