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Analysis of the new capital accumulation strategies

Interview with Antonio Tricarico of Re:Common (Italy)

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After the first day of the Friends of the Earth International´s meeting on the financialization of nature held in Paris, France, from May 26 to 28, Real World Radio´s correspondent Danilo Urrea interviewed Antonio Tricarico, member of Re:Common, Italy.

Antonio participated as a guest in the conceptual dialog which aimed to deepen the analysis of the process of financialization of nature and the concepts and categories related to it.

The activist said that "the financialization of nature is proposed as an answer to the capital accumulation crisis and there exists a very concrete form of it that will be built on the development of the creation of a new commodity. It needs the development of new global and standardized markets to give a structure to the creation of the necessary financial assets to extract more value from the commodity itself".

After the implementation of the processes of privatization, commodification and
economic financialization of nature, the role of States is being questioned. According to different international analysts, the role of all actors in said processes -banks, companies and corporations, has been transformed. Tricarico believes that "the States have also suffered a transformation, they are directly and strongly linked to capital markets, that are new spaces for control". "A strong State is needed to create new laws and financial market forms with laws to privatize and create new assets. This way, we have a situation where neoliberalism will destroy the social State where it exists, but financialization will strengthen the State where they need to create the basis for it", he added.

In terms of the specific examples where the financialization of nature and the conflicts associated to it can be identified, he made reference to "the case of carbon funds and offsetting projects, and also REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) which show that the new target of financialization is biodiversity", said Tricarico. "There is a link between the militarized territorial control and the extraction of value for the global market, and their aim is to ensure this so that there is perpetual privatization", he added.

Another of the elements for discussion at the Friends of the Earth meeting on the financialization of nature and where some allied movements and organizations participated, was the introduction of the lines of action to face this phenomenon. About this, Antonio said that "it is key to strengthen the struggles for territorial control. It is clear that territory doesn´t only imply land, but the complex relationship of it with its resources; this is the space of conflict". "We need a strategy that is based not only on solidarity, but a strategy to control territories and experience new models of collective resources use, and in this way build power to confront the States and the markets, this is the key issue", concluded Antonio Tricarico of Re:Common.

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