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4th Special Conference for Food Sovereignty

Day 1

The 4th special conference for food sovereignty began in Santiago, capital of Chile, with a meeting focused on women linked to the food sovereignty of the peasant, worker, indigenous, agroecological, and fisherfolk sectors, in addition to organizations that work around Latin American and Caribbean processes.

A document will be produced here that the organizations of women will submit to the Civil Society Consultation organized for the 33rd FAO Regional Conference scheduled to take place on Sunday 4 and Monday 5.

In addition, during the first round of meetings, the 4th Conference addressed the evolution of the Human Right to Adequate Food enshrined by the United Nations a decade ago.
The need for a change of approach for the fulfillment of said right will be demanded as a common position of the governments of the region by social movements in the meeting of official representatives to take place at the FAO´s regional office in that same city.

These images reflect some of the most important moments of the first day of work.


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