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World Water Day: new publication on Uruguayan water basins

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As part of the celebrations for the World Water Day (March 22nd), REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay, the Uruguay Sustentable Program and the National Commission in Defense of Water and Life launched a book titled “Uruguayan Water Basins: Environmental and territorial situation and perspectives”.

The writers of the book are Marcel Achkar (PhD in Agronomy), Ana Dominguez (PhD in Geography) and Fernando Pesce (Master in Sciences), geographers, professors and researchers from the Sustainable Development and Environmental Territorial Management Laboratory, the Ecology and Environmental Sciences Institute of the Sciences School, University of the Republic.

The launch took place on Friday in Montevideo, capital of the country. This October will be the 10th anniversary of the plebiscite that enshrined the human right to water in the Uruguayan Constitution, and that established that drinking water and sanitation should be provided by public companies and that there should be a sustainable and participatory management of water basins.

The importance of the book is “directly proportional to the increasing concern by wide sectors of society about the reality in our territories, their sustainability and environmental, cultural and social value”, said REDES – FoE in a press release issued as an invitation to the event. “Environmentally sustainable and socially just management of territories will give a meaning to the concept of environmental justice and to the strategies to preserve environmental resources in the country, aiming to build alternative proposals for sustainable development”, added the press release.

At the end of the activity, there was a screening of the video “The Human Right to Water / Uruguay 2014”, produced by REDES – FoE and the Uruguay Sustentable Program (below, in Spanish).

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