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11 de junio de 2013 | |

Saving Seeds for Food Sovereignty

Interview with national coordinator of La Via Campesina Zimbabwe: “We Have to Globalize the Struggle”

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Real World Radio interviewed Nelson Mudzingwa, national coordinator of Zimsoff, a member of La Via Campesina in Zimbabwe during the peasant movement’s 6th International Conference, which is currently taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mutsingwa talked about the progress made by La Via Campesina in the recent years. He highlighted the importance of saving local seeds for farmers, as well as practicing agroecology.

There are 19,000 farmers members of La Via Campesina in Zimbabwe who practice agroecology and promote the conservation of natural resources.

The peasant mentioned the importance of lobbying governments for policies that support food sovereignty and said he expects the conference of La Via Campesina will help strengthen the movement and increase the number of peasants who participate in it, as well as to promote its mission and vision.

Photo: esaff.org/Zimbabwe

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