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17 de abril de 2013 | | |

Destabilization Plan

Venezuela: Opposition’s Violence Seeks to Stop Bolivarian Revolution

Sabotaging the electric supply, the Internet networks, arson in the offices of the Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), provocations and armed gangs hired to attack the supporters of the ruling government is the current situation in Venezuela, a few days after the election results confirmed Nicolas Maduro as the President elect of the country.

Seven Chavez supporters died in the incidents. Real World Radio interviewed Pablo Kunich, coordinator of ALBA TV, who said some of the popular TV channels the group broadcasts for were also attacked by fascist groups. Kunich blamed opposition leader Henrique Capriles for the incidents.

While several Latin American presidents have already announced they will travel to Caracas on Friday to attend Maduro’s sworn-in ceremony as the leader of UNASUR, and ratified the legitimacy of the elections, the President said Tuesday that the coup attempt had been crushed and pointed at the US as responsible for supporting
destabilization attempts.

Kunich said the communities where the violent incidents took place have claimed the responsible are hired paramilitary groups, although the Venezuelan government has decided to peacefully resist the provcations.

Over a hundred people were arrested for taking part in the incidents. One of the main victims have been the thousands of Cuban doctors working in Venezuela.

“The people are being disciplined, this is a people that has always known how to fight. If they haven’t respond with more violence it has been because of the discipline of revolution, of democracy”, he said.

Meanwhile, several social organizations of Latin America urged to respect the Venezuelan people’s decision of electing Maduro for an absolute majority of votes.

The Latin American Coordinator of Countryside Organizations (CLOC-Via Campesina) said the Venezuelan electoral system “is one of the safest and most transparent ones in the world”. “The international observers from different countries, political sectors and international institutions have confirmed so”.

“We strongly reject the intromission of the US imperialism, which tried to discredit democracy under the pretext of the narrow difference of votes between both candidates. In the history of the US elections many presidents have been elected with an even narrower victory, with a very poor turnout in the polls, but their legitimacy has never been questioned”, reads the CLOC statement.

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