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19 de abril de 2013 | | | | |

Not a Step Back

Interview with Kevin Rangel of the Bolivar And Zamora Revolutionary Bloc (Venezuela)

The decision of the Venezuelan right-wing of refusing to admit the results of last Sunday’s elections when Nicolas Maduro was elected the new President of Venezuela, will not imply a step backwards for the revolutionary process, says the Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Bloc of the Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

In interview with Real World Radio, Kevin Rangel of the Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Bloc told Real World Radio that while Venezuela is going through really hard times before Maduro’s sworn-in ceremony next Friday, which includes accusations of an attack by the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, the revolutionary forces face the challenge of isolate the violent incidents and change “a plan organized from the outside that had been announced and denounced”,

“We are going through a difficult time where a plan is being developed to delegitimize the government. These sectors want to carry out actions similar to the ones applied in Libya, for example, by creating destabilizing groups and terror among the population. We are preparing to defend the revolution in any scenario that the oligarchic groups want to set”.

About how the narrow victory will affect the future course of the Bolivarian revolutionary process, Rangel said that once this confrontation is overcome in the streets, there should be critical analysis. “We see a need to radicalize the revolution in the communal construction, from the grassroots towards socialism, we need to review and improve the State structures against elements that counter the progress of the Bolivarian Revolution”, said Rangel.

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