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The People Have Spoken

Social Organizations of Latin America Demand Respect for Venezuelan People’s Sovereign Decision

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Support for the Bolivarian Revolution was ratified at Sunday’s elections in Venezuela, where Nicolas Maduro was elected the new President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

However, when the election results were made public, the Venezuelan and the international opposition media claimed there had been fraud in the process where hundreds of international observers participated to ratify its legitimacy.

The group of social movements towards ALBA issued a declaration saying “the Venezuelan people have decided to continue being the makers of their own destiny by electing Nicolas Maduro as their President and leader of the Bolivarian Revolution for the next 6 years. We demand respect for the people’s decision”.

Continental Coordination of Social Movements Towards ALBA

Once the results were made public, Maduro spoke from the “People’s Balcony” at Miraflores Palace. The space was inaugurated by late Presidente Hugo Chavez Frias where he would regularly speak to the people of Caracas.

During his public address, Maduro emphasized that during the campaign he had to face the war waged by the right-wing. “Comrade Chavez remains undefeated, he is still winning battles here on Earth”, said the President elect.

He also highlighted that Capriles called him half an hour before the National Election Commission issued the results. “He told me his opinion, I told him the truth. He was suggesting we made a pact. I said: ‘No, let’s wait for the CNE results’. And I told him that if I’d lose by one vote I’d admit defeat. But it wasn’t the case, I have won by nearly 300,000 votes!”.

Maduro recalled that a few months ago, in December, Capriles won in Miranda by two votes and the Bolivarian government conceded defeat.

Rectification and New Impetus

“Now we are going to build a powerful government, a government of the people that will rectify what needs to be rectified, to build a wide majority of the Bolivarian people”, said the President. “I recognize Capriles’ votes and I respect them”, he said. “I hereby call you to respect the majority of the people who has elected me President”.

“There are many things to change. I am aware of that”, he admitted. “I ask for the people’s support so that the revolution is renewed and gains new strength. Only through the path of revolution a democracy that respects people will be possible, where people is the main protagonist. We will devote the rest of our lives to fulfil his legacy”.

“They do not have the power to attempt a coup d’état. But if they tried, we know what we have to do”, he said. However he called for peace and to avoid provocations.

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