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Implementation of Paris Agreement urgently needed: “We cannot continue to talk, we have to act now”

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Ursula Rakova, Executive Director of community-based organization Tulele Peisa, is responsible for organizing the relocation of the inhabitants of the Carteret Islands (a group of seven low-lying islands of Papua New Guinea, in the south Pacific, which are disappearing under rising sea levels) to the mainland of Bougainville.

Tulele Peisa is an affiliate of Friends of the Earth Australia. At only 1.5 meters above sea level at their highest point, the Carteret Islands are some of the first to succumb to the rising ocean tides.

“We cannot continue to see or hear politicians denying climate change. It is not happening to them, it is happening to the most vulnerable communities who cannot help themselves. And it is before our eyes”, said Ursula in an interview conducted by Roman Orszanski, from the Three D Radio environment collective.

Roman interviewed Ursula to discuss about what was happening with the relocation, how it felt to be a climate displaced person, and what reactions she had from politicians to her plight. The interview was recorded on March 8th, in the community room at Christie Walk, an eco-city development in Adelaide, Australia. It was aired on March 13th, during the weekly “The Environment Show” on Three D Radio (see: https://www.threedradio.com/shows/the-environment-show/). Ursula was in Adelaide to take part in the planet talks at Womad (see: https://www.womadelaide.com.au/program/the-planet-talks).

“The Environment Show” is a 90-minute magazine programme dealing with peace, environment and social justice issues on Three D Radio, a community radio that broadcasts to metropolitan Adelaide on the FM band.

An archive of interviews from the show can be found here: http://enviroshow3d.tumblr.com/

Imagen: https://www.womadelaide.com.au/program/the-planet-talks/ursula-rakova

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