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20 April 2018 | | | | |

Friends of the Earth International in its fight for gender justice

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Aiming to continue developing a conceptual framework on patriarchy and the importance of dismantling it to achieve system change and environmental justice, environmental federation Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) will hold an important meeting from April 30 to May 4 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas State.

The event will be organized by the Gender Justice Dismantling Patriarchy Working Group of FoEI and will take place at the Alter Natos Center, of organization Otros Mundos Chiapas, Friends of the Earth Mexico, outside the city.

This is the second meeting of the working group, which met for the first time in September last year in Accra, capital of Ghana. To know more about the activity, its goals, the political framework that serves as a basis for this new area of work of FoEI and the role of women in the resistance and the building of solutions against the current crises at global level, among other issues, Real World Radio interviewed the facilitator of the Gender Justice Dismantling Patriarchy Working Group, Celia Alldridge. Celia is also part of FoEI´s Membership Development Team.

Imagen: Theiva Lingam, facilitator of Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific

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