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Mobilization in Montevideo demands freedom for former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva

“Lula was incarcerated because the dominant classes cannot forgive a leader committed with a popular project”, said on Wednesday the coordinator of REDES – Friends of the Earth Uruguay, Karin Nansen, during a protest outside the Brazilian Embassy in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay.

The goal of the mobilization was to show “solidarity with the Brazilian people” and “demand freedom for Lula and denounce and reject the coup d´Etat in that country”, added the also chair of Friends of the Earth International, environmental federation present in about 80 countries, in an interview with Real World Radio.

The crowded demonstration outside the Brazilian Embassy was called by Uruguay´s central workers union, PIT-CNT, REDES – Friends of the Earth Uruguay and the Frente Amplio party in office, among other popular organizations. Karin opened the activities as a speaker.

PIT-CNT´s Secretary General, Marcelo Abdala, who was also one of the speakers at the activity, said to Real World Radio that Lula is suffering “judicial violence”, and “without a crime or evidence, based on assumptions and opinions, he was incarcerated”. He also said that the October national elections in Brazil without Lula as a candidate for the Workers Party would be “fraudulent”.

Meanwhile, MP Daniel Placeres, of Frente Amplio, the left-wing party in office in Uruguay, said that Lula free is “a risk” for the right-wing because “he was leading all polls and the people were going to make him president”. He denounced “the judicialization of politics based on assumption and not facts”, and ensured that he was present at the demonstration “because we need to be alert in the entire region”. “There are decisions that are not being made here, it is not something meaningless that the organization which is permanently hitting Venezuela, the Organization of American States, has not said anything in this case. I believe that the decision was made elsewhere, and there is an imperialistic view that wishes to turn Latin America into its back yard again”.

Below you´ll find a photo gallery of the demonstration with images shared by PIT-CNT.


Imagen: PIT-CNT.

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