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22 February 2018 | | | | |

Statement in rejection to murder of environmental leader

By Movimiento Madre Tierra/ Friends of the Earth Honduras

Movimiento Madre Tierra / Friends of the Earth Honduras strongly rejects the murder of young environmental leader Luis Fernando Ayala (16), member of the Movimiento Ambientalista Santabarbarense (MAS).

This violent murder took place in Concepción del Sur village, in Gualala municipality, Santa Bárbara department. Several communities in this municipality have been struggling for over three years against the mining concession for gypsum mining granted for an indefinite period which threatens to make Arenales community disappear. Luis Fernando was a young environmental activist who struggled against the installation of mining and hydroelectric companies.

The report issued by Amnesty International about the human rights situation in the world, and especially Honduras, highlights that violence continues strong in the country and that it is still a hostile and dangerous territory for land and human rights defenders, as the sad event faced by the Movimiento Ambientalista Santa Barbarense reflects today.

We express our solidarity with the communities and all processes promoted by social activists gathered in MAS. We call the international community to remain alert and join the demand for an investigation about the events in order to avoid impunity.

We demand justice, no more impunity!

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