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Real World Radio Europe #14

School of Sustainability - A heart-to-heart approach to activism

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The School of Sustainability concept originates in Latin America, where Amigos de la Tierra have been practicing the "Escuela de la Sustentabilidad" methododology for over 10 years. Instead of unilateral learning, the popular education methods applied focus on the inner wisdom of the participants, encouraging and facilitating an exchange of knowledge, ideas and feelings. A perfect means to help grow and strengthen grassroots organisations.

How exactly can popular education methods nurture activist culture? Listen to Juraj Melichár (Priatelia Zeme-CEPA / Friends of the Earth Slovakia), Shenna Sanchez (Friends of the Earth Europe), Zane Rugena (Latvijas Zemes Draugi /Friends of the Earth Latvia), Dragomira Raeva (Za Zemiata / Friends of the Earth Bulgaria) and Katia Uspenskaya (Russian Social-Ecological Union / Friends of the Earth Russia). Huddled together in a snowbound cottage in Slovakia, they talk about the benefits they reaped from our network’s School of Sustainability project in their work and about the huge potential of these methods.

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